Pressure washer services in Miami

Pressure washers are high-demand services that require good company and materials to; satisfy the needs of every person individually and that are adaptable to any kind of situation. In regards to pressure washer services in Miami, this philosophy stands firm; and there are, indeed, a lot of good pressure washer services in all the areas that this state englobes.

pressure washer services in Miami

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These are the best pressure washer services that can be found in the Miami area.


KleanWay is a very well positioned and important pressure cleaning company in Miami; considered by the Business Bureau as the best with A+ certification. Having 15 years of experience in the field; this service, situated in South Florida, prides itself on giving a high-quality pressure washer service in all the Miami state.

This company provides residential and commercial pressure cleaners with a full-service and eco-friendly philosophy. That’s because they use bleach, disinfectant, and sanitizing products that deliver a very precise and clean job. Their services can help you clean from your driveway, roof, pool, office, or even your warehouse.

As any decent company, they treat each client with the utmost respect as you are their most important client; promising to give a new meaning to your property in the form of a shining floor; or an impeccable roof or leaving your car like new.

Pressure cleaning plus

Situated in Miami Florida, and its surrounding areas, pressure cleaning plus it’s another company that offers great pressure washer services. Using their own words: “give a professional and trusting service with all of your Miami property’s exterior cleaning needs”.

Having 10 years of experience in the field, they tend to serve, above all, their local clients; because they’re always looking for a job well done and that is totally professional and up to the circumstances required.

Pressure cleaning plus opts to always keep your property looking their absolute best, parting from a team of very skilled professionals to call at any time, any day. They will show what separates them from another type of competition and other companies that cannot match their expertise.

This company provides pressure washer services like roof cleaning, house washing, gutter cleaning, to take care of your commercial property, and a lot more. You only have to contact them to know more about what do they provide.

Ultra pressure cleaning

Operating in the south Miami community, Ultra pressure cleaning is maybe a smaller company in comparison to the two mentioned before, but not for that less efficient or worse than the ones mentioned before.

This business touches a lot of areas that not a lot of companies have their hands on. This goes from pressure cleaning in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and playgrounds, grocery stores, restaurants, parking garages, industrial parks, gas stations…

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ultra pressure cleaning has adapted its usefulness to the proper sanitarian measures to keep working in areas like:

Residential pressure cleaning (houses, condos, and apartments); residential soft washing (roof cleaning, siding, deck); commercial soft washing; commercial power washing (retail stores, malls, strip centers, warehouses, and large buildings); Marinas, boats, and ships; fleet trucks, heavy equipment, RV’s and aircraft; H.O.A.’s and government and municipal properties.

Mr. Dirt Blaster

Mr. Dirt Blaster is a very reliable Miami local area pressure washer service that also; works in residential neighborhoods and commercial businesses. They offer a complete selection of options regarding their services, ranging from straightforward fixes to full-scale home and business pressure washing.

This is, without a doubt, one of the services that offer the best price in pressure washing home cleaning, siding, deck, patio, driveway, walkway, the parking lot, and roof washing. They specialize in washing away the mold, dirt, grime, and oil stains that can harm your home structure and damage it for life.

The main surfaces that they work on are wood, plastic, stucco, vinyl siding, steel, asphalt, cement, stone, brick, and a lot more that couldn’t even be feated in your head.

Their services can be divided into two main options:

Residential pressure and soft washing:

Mr. Dirt Blaster offers a comprehensive canvas of residential pressure washing services that include: driveway cleaning, oil, rust, and stain removal. Also, pool deck cleaning is also one of their best options along with stone and cast stone removal. Where you could find some moss or grime difficult to get rid of.

Commercial pressure washing:

Mr. Dirt Blaster also includes in their pressure washing pack a complete and extensive suite of options; in vers of taking care of commercial pressure cleaning that includes retail strip pressure washing; commercial building exterior washing; restaurant power cleaning; apartment complex pressure cleaning; commercial concrete and power washing through extensive techniques; apartment complexes cleaning through pressure; concrete power washing; rust and stain elimination; mold removal; graffiti removal and regular power cleaning in regards of maintenance packages.

And those would be the best pressure washer cleaning services in Miami, in no particular order. Although some of them have better critics than others by users and rating companies, all of them are the best options available.