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Indoor Concrete Cleaning Services

Indoor concrete cleaning services are crucial in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of various concrete surfaces in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This guide offers an in-depth look at professional concrete cleaning services, including garage floor, basement, and industrial concrete floor cleaning. We’ll explore the cost factors, benefits, and key considerations when choosing a service provider, ensuring your concrete surfaces receive the best possible care.

Directory of Indoor Concrete Cleaning Services

Service ProviderAddressRatingContact NumberWebsiteCategoriesWorking Hours
NJ Power Cleaners184 Trimble Ave #2, Clifton, NJ 070114.9+19738511835WebsitePressure washing, Gutter cleaning, Window cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Aqua Clean Power Washing LLC188 Elm Ave, Teaneck, NJ 076665+12014241800WebsitePressure washing, Roofing contractor, Window cleaning8 AM–9 PM (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sun)
Triton Pressure Washing902 Dewey Pl, Fair Lawn, NJ 074105+15517953961WebsitePressure washing serviceOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Pro SealEthel Ave, Hawthorne, NJ 075065+12016321945WebsitePressure washing, Garage builder, House cleaning, Paving contractor, Roofing contractor9 AM–7 PM (Thu, Mon-Tue), 9 AM–5 PM (Sat-Sun), 8 AM–7 PM (Wed)
RenoFix Construction237 Gaston Ave, Garfield, NJ 070265+19295012855WebsiteMasonry contractor, Bathroom remodeler, Deck builder, Drainage serviceOpen 24 hours (Thu-Sat, Mon-Wed), 7 AM–4 PM (Sun)
A&K ARTISTIC MASONRY LLC127 Pacific Ave, Garfield, NJ 070265+18622648871WebsiteMasonry contractorOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Bergen Wash & Seal25 Katherine St, Little Ferry, NJ 076435+12012962772WebsitePressure washing, Bathroom remodeler, Gutter cleaning, Painting8 AM–6:30 PM (Thu-Wed)
All Bright Services146 W 29th St, New York, NY 100014.9+16463812707WebsiteCleaners9:30 AM–6:30 PM (Thu, Fri, Mon-Wed), Closed (Sat), 9:30 AM–6:30 PM (Sun)
HappyCustomerLLC18 Gould St, Verona, NJ 070445+19733195956WebsitePressure washing, House cleaning, Home improvement store, Window cleaning8 AM–6 PM (Thu, Fri, Mon-Tue), 8 AM–6 PM (Sat), Closed (Sun), 8 AM–6 PM (Wed)
New Jersey Services

Select Cleaning Services in New York, NY

Here’s a curated list of five notable cleaning service providers in New York, NY, each offering a range of services to meet different cleaning needs.

Service ProviderAddressRatingContact NumberWebsiteCategoriesWorking Hours
Cleany NYC Cleaning Service5 W 37th St Suite 1206, New York, NY 100184.9+12128516134WebsiteHouse cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Commercial cleaning7 AM–11 PM (Thu-Fri), 7 AM–10 PM (Sat), 8 AM–5 PM (Sun), 7 AM–11 PM (Mon-Wed)
All Bright Services234 5th Ave #310, New York, NY 100014.4+12127448696WebsiteCleaning, Air duct cleaning, Graffiti removal, Paint stripping8 AM–8:30 PM (Thu-Tue), 9 AM–5 PM (Sat), 9 AM–8:30 PM (Sun)
Polished Concrete Solution1926 3rd Ave, New York, NY 100294.9N/AWebsiteGeneral contractorOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Clean Your Couch1441 Broadway #3145, New York, NY 100184.9+16469711499WebsiteCommercial cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Cleaners, House cleaning, Janitorial, Upholstery cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Housekeeping NYC105-35 63rd Ave, Queens, NY 113755+19296334441WebsiteHouse cleaning, Commercial cleaning, Floor refinishing, Floor sanding and polishing, Janitorial, Pressure washing, Property maintenance, Wood floor installation, Wood floor refinishing9 AM–9 PM (Thu, Mon-Tue), 8 AM–9 PM (Fri), 10 AM–9 PM (Sat-Sun)

These service providers offer a range of cleaning services, from general housekeeping to specialized services like concrete polishing and graffiti removal. Whether you need residential or commercial cleaning, these companies provide reliable services to keep your spaces clean and well-maintained.

Top Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Texas

Here is a list of five prominent cleaning and maintenance service providers in Texas, offering a range of services from window cleaning to pressure washing and more.

Service ProviderAddressRatingContact NumberWebsiteCategoriesWorking Hours
Right Way Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing18018 Overlook Loop Suite 105, San Antonio, TX 782595+12102872355WebsitePressure washing, Commercial cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Window cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sun)
Better View Services8911 N Capital of Texas Hwy #4200, Austin, TX 787595+19799007370WebsitePressure washing, Commercial cleaning, Window cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Sun), Closed (Mon-Wed)
TLC Exterior Cleaning Services LLC1193 Hidden Park Ct, Salado, TX 765715+12543001037WebsitePressure washing serviceOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
C & D Commercial Services, Inc.5030 Dexham Rd Ste. 102, Rowlett, TX 750884.5+19724752271WebsitePressure washing, Asphalt contractor, Commercial cleaning, Debris removal, Masonry contractor, Concrete contractor, Property maintenance, Stucco contractor, Window cleaning7 AM–4 PM (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sat-Sun)
Bulldog Cleaning & Restoration1001 FM 89, Abilene, TX 796064.9+13252612413WebsiteCarpet cleaning, Pressure washing, Water damage restorationOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)

These businesses have been rated highly for their quality services, customer satisfaction, and reliability. They offer a wide range of services to cater to both residential and commercial needs, ensuring that your spaces are clean, well-maintained, and presentable.

Premier Indoor Concrete Cleaning Services in Florida

Here’s a curated list of top indoor concrete cleaning service providers in Florida, each known for their expertise and high customer ratings.

Service ProviderAddressRatingContact NumberWebsiteCategoriesWorking Hours
Pro Cleaning Action LLC285 Nova Dr, Davenport, FL 338375+14074909084WebsitePressure washing, Gutter cleaning, Window cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
Mr. Klean2260 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 334094.5+15616889473WebsitePressure washing, Carpet cleaning, Commercial cleaning, House cleaning, Janitorial, Property maintenance, Water damage restorationOpen 24 hours (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sat-Sun)
Cleaner Outlook Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning, LLC1640 Meadowbrook Ave, Lakeland, FL 338035+18138480585WebsitePressure washing, Gutter cleaning, Window cleaningOpen 24 hours (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sun)
DecoCrete Services1555 Dogwood Dr, Sarasota, FL 342324.9+19414001755WebsiteConcrete contractor, Floor refinishing, Flooring contractor, Painter, Swimming pool repair8 AM–5 PM (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sat-Sun)
SurfaceSolve Cleaning & Sealing1010 S Miller Rd, Valrico, FL 335945+18132636465WebsitePressure washing, Blast cleaning, Building restoration, Carpet cleaning, Floor refinishing, Waterproofing8 AM–6 PM (Thu-Fri), 9 AM–1 PM (Sat), Closed (Sun), 8 AM–6 PM (Mon-Wed)

These service providers are equipped to handle various types of cleaning needs, including pressure washing, window cleaning, and more specialized services like concrete cleaning and sealing. With their range of services and flexible hours, they are well-suited to cater to both residential and commercial clients in Florida.

Top Indoor Concrete Cleaning Services in California

Discover leading indoor concrete cleaning service providers in California, each known for their quality services and customer satisfaction.

Service ProviderAddressRatingContact NumberWebsiteCategoriesWorking Hours
Socal Concrete Cleaners LLC41606 Date St #201, Murrieta, CA 925624.9+19515950061WebsitePressure washing, Sandblasting serviceOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
The Pressure Washing Guys2973 Harbor Blvd #437, Costa Mesa, CA 926264.9+19495147749WebsitePressure washing serviceOpen 24 hours (Thu-Wed)
PS Concrete Pressure Washing Services11600 Paramount Blvd Suite H, Downey, CA 902414.4+17605908050N/APressure washing, Commercial cleaning, Window cleaning6 AM–6 PM (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sun)
Curb Appeal Power Clean22647 Ventura Blvd Unit #454, Woodland Hills, CA 913645+18189641054WebsitePressure washing, Cleaners, Commercial cleaning, Gutter cleaning, Solar energy, Window cleaning6 AM–6 PM (Thu, Mon-Wed), Closed (Sat), 8 AM–4 PM (Sun)
KC Power Clean1240 Pioneer St STE D, Brea, CA 928214.9+17144553130WebsitePressure washing, Floor refinishing, Gutter cleaning, Sandblasting7 AM–5 PM (Thu-Tue), Closed (Sat-Sun)

These service providers specialize in pressure washing and related services, ensuring thorough and effective cleaning for concrete surfaces and other areas. Their high ratings and positive reviews reflect their commitment to delivering exceptional service to their clients across California.

Understanding the Need for Professional Concrete Cleaning Services

Concrete, a durable and common material, is extensively used in spaces like garages, basements, and industrial facilities. Over time, these surfaces accumulate stubborn stains, dirt, and wear. Professional indoor concrete cleaning services, such as garage floor cleaning service and residential concrete floor cleaning service, offer specialized solutions for these challenges. They not only restore the appearance of the concrete but also extend its lifespan, making them an essential investment for property owners.

Why Choose Professional Concrete Cleaning Services?

Why Choose Professional Concrete Cleaning Services
  1. Expertise and Advanced Techniques: Professional services use advanced techniques like pressure washing and scrubbing machines to effectively clean concrete surfaces without causing damage.
  2. Customized Solutions: Providers offer tailored services, including basement concrete cleaning service and industrial concrete floor cleaning services, to address specific cleaning needs.
  3. Time and Cost Efficiency: Professional cleaning saves time and often proves more cost-effective in the long run by preventing costly repairs due to neglect or improper cleaning methods.
  4. Eco-Friendly Options: Many services now prioritize eco-friendly cleaning solutions, reducing the environmental impact.

Comparing Concrete Cleaning Services Costs

The cost of concrete cleaning services can vary based on factors like the size of the area, the degree of staining, and the specific type of service required. For example, residential concrete floor cleaning services might differ in price from industrial concrete floor cleaning services due to the scale and equipment needed. It’s important to get quotes from different providers to understand the market rates and find a service that offers value for money.

Finding the Right Service Provider

When searching for services like “garage floor cleaning service near me” or “basical floor cleaning services,” consider the following:

  1. Experience and Reputation: Check for providers with a strong track record.
  2. Service Range: Ensure they offer the specific type of cleaning service you need.
  3. Pricing and Value: Compare costs but also consider the quality and reliability of their service.

DIY Tips for Maintaining Indoor Concrete

While professional cleaning is essential for deep cleaning, regular maintenance can be managed with DIY methods. This includes frequent sweeping, prompt spill cleanup, and periodic mopping with appropriate cleaners. These practices help maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your concrete floors between professional cleanings.


Indoor concrete cleaning services are indispensable for maintaining the cleanliness, appearance, and longevity of concrete surfaces in various settings. Whether it’s a garage, basement, or industrial floor, choosing the right professional service can make a significant difference. Consider the service type, cost, and provider expertise to ensure your concrete surfaces are well-maintained and protected.

Questions and Answers on Indoor Concrete Cleaning

1. How do you clean indoor concrete? Cleaning indoor concrete requires a careful approach to avoid damaging the surface. First, sweeping or vacuuming is done to remove dust and debris. For tougher stains and dirt, a combination of water and an appropriate concrete cleaner is used, applying it with a mop or brush. For persistent stains, more intensive methods like pressure washing or using specialized cleaning machines may be needed.

2. What is the best indoor concrete cleaner? The best cleaner for indoor concrete depends on the type of dirt and the nature of the stains. For general dirt, neutral cleaners are effective and safe. For oil or grease stains, concrete-specific degreasers are recommended. It’s important to choose products designed for indoor concrete to prevent surface damage.

3. Is there a machine to clean concrete? Yes, there are machines specifically designed for cleaning concrete. These include pressure washers, automatic scrubbers, and polishers. These equipments are particularly useful in large areas like garages or industrial floors, where manual cleaning can be impractical and time-consuming.

4. What is a concrete cleaner called? A concrete cleaner is commonly referred to as a “concrete cleaner” or “concrete degreaser,” depending on its specific purpose. These products are formulated to address common stains and dirt on concrete surfaces, ensuring effective cleaning without damaging the material.


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