Cleaning windows with pressure washer

Cleaning windows with pressure washer has become an essential cleaning methodology for many people who have always sought to keep their homes spotless and looking their best.

Cleaning windows with pressure washer

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However, the cleaning of these areas, such as the roof and windows, often go hand in hand with the fact of possible problems with dampness, fungus, or worse.

The advantage of using a pressure washer is its ability to banish dirt and give a desperately needed facelift to a home.

While a professional is always recommended to perform such tasks, pressure washing can be done by any of us if we follow a series of essential steps to achieving maximum results with a dedicated and severe effort.

How to do a good pressure washing for your windows

It is not a revelation that when you clean your windows with the pressure washing that process simplifies, and much, all the washing of the same, although it is important that you take measures for it. Details such as not using a metal ladder when cleaning can save you more than one unwanted scare.

As long as your window frames are aluminum or vinyl, Cleaning windows with pressure washer should never be a problem. However, if the frames are made of wood, you should take special care and attention, as you can damage them if you apply too much pressure.

The space between the frame and the glass must also be solid because if water manages to seep through any of these gaps it could seriously damage the wood and even rot it, which would require a complete replacement of the whole structure.

pressure washing For Double Hung Window

In the case of having double-hung windows, always try to remove one of them to make the access with the pressure washer easier and it can reach more corners.

Another very important element is the soap or, by default, detergent used for the pressure washer, because not all of them are suitable for it, and can damage or destroy it or cause irreversible effects on your window.

When you apply the corresponding soap, do not apply it on too many windows at the same time. It is better to go two by two or three at a time so as not to let the soap dry out, which can affect both the frame and the glass of your windows.

Also, take advantage when the windows are wet to open them and clean well both the sills of all dirt and debris that may be there. When everything is dry you only have to replace the windows and leave them as they were.

Types of pressure washing for your windows

The cost for Cleaning windows with pressure washer can vary depending on the size of the house to be washed. If we start from the idea that a small house can be around $150 to $200, a bigger house usually doubles the price, even almost tripling it up to $550.

However, to calculate the price you must first know all the types of pressure washing that can be applied to your windows:

Interior Cleaning windows with pressure washer: 

it consists of cleaning the inside of each window using a simple three steps process. First, you scrub the window itself using a low allergen soap, then you squeegee using scratch-reducing silicon squeegees, and, finally, you clean all edges of the glass with lint-free cloths.

Exterior cleaning:

To clean the exterior part of each window you’ll have to use a 5-stage de-ionized cleaning system based on applying some special rinse to the windows themselves to secure the fact that we don’t leave residues that can worsen our dust situation, giving a longer life to the windows.

Screen Cleaning: 

next step is to apply the same cleaning methods to your home screens. First, you remove them for better pressure cleaning then, depending on how well that goes we can start to brush with soap or friendly detergent to take out dirt and dust.

Track cleaning: 

the final step requires that you wipe and clean thoroughly the window sills with a good microfiber cloth to achieve maximum precision on taking out any dirt you can find.

That will complement perfectly with all the steps that you have done, providing a perfectly clean and almost new window that will shine with the touch of the Sun.

These will be the main issues regarding a good pressure washing of all of your windows step by step and even throwing some good advice with the beginner package.

Do not forget that you should always hire a professional to do this kind of work, or at least consult with one or some of them to not have any serious problems during the process, one that can be tedious and long if you don’t know what’re you doing.

You can always contact us if you have any issues or problems so that we can help you right away.